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The Fire Inside is a documentary that asks provocative questions and offers thoughtful perspectives on our relationship to the natural world and the ecological crises we face today.

What is nature? And what is the human experience of that world? In the everyday push of our modern lives what connections have been lost and what remain? This film follows a small, diverse group on a contemplative retreat as they explore the wildness about them and the passion for place within.

3 Thoughts on “The Film

  1. In the film, I was particularly deeply moved by the communion ritual and the way in which this ritual was interpreted at the time. It felt sacred … and made deep and abiding sense to me.

  2. I really enjoyed the film….I think it is courageous to try capture a contemplative retreat/journey and to capture such personal transformative journeys about inner ecology and our INvironment :-).

    I liked the messages of “paying attention”, “coming home” and inviting presence and awareness…

  3. The gentle beauty of the film filled me with a longing to protect our environment. It does what apocalyptic films can not, which is to sneak the message of protecting our environment around our media-influenced desensitization to violence and apocalyptic threats.

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