Premiere Screening at Yale

The Fire Inside premiered on June 6th at the Yale Summer Symposium: Religion and Environmental Stewardship. This was a wonderful opportunity for Becky Gould and me to present the film to an intimate gathering of professors, clergy and professionals from various environmental and religious organizations. We heard terrific feedback from our viewers which included praise for the diverse religious and spiritual-but-not-religious voices in the film and the intimate connections between spirituality and nature that the film evokes. We also heard that the film not only demonstrated the deep significance of contemplative practice for meeting the challenges of the future, but also that viewing the film was itself a kind of contemplative practice. Some audience members spoke of breathing more deeply and feeling centered and refreshed by experiencing the film. And throughout the symposium we had the opportunity discuss ways the film could be used for college curriculum or group screenings.

We extend our sincere thanks to everyone involved in creating this opportunity including; Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim, Tara Trapani and the rest of the hard-working Yale symposium team.  If you attended the screening (or have watched the film online) please let us know your thoughts and how we can best continue to spread The Fire!


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