Old Friends and New

Over the last few days Becky and I reunited with many of the people who participated in the making of The Fire Inside including; Barak Gale, Victoria Santos, Kurt Hoelting and Diana Wilmar.  The film has screened three times in the last two days – twice at the Happiness Conference and once on Whidbey Island.  The real richness of these events has emerged after the screenings as members of the audience shared thoughts and questions about the issues explored in the film.  This is really what we’d hoped for.  Not so much a discussion of the film itself – though that is always enjoyable – but discovering the ideas that resonate most strongly for people.  As well as the issues that push buttons.  Last night here on Whidbey, there was a valuable discussion about contemplative practice and activism.  Do these two things contradict or complement one another?  Much was shared and debated over the course of an hour.  And I learned a great deal from members of the audience.  Thanks to everyone who shared their insights and brought good energy to all of the events.  More to come.

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