Coming Home

I am happy to announce that I have been invited to present The Fire Inside at Columbia College on September 19th.  This is a deeply meaningful opportunity since Columbia is my hometown and the place where so many of my own connections to nature began.  I offer my thanks to Rev. Roy Mitchell for the invitation and also to my sister, Dr. Melissa Heidari who is a professor of English at Columbia College.  Melissa has been an inspiration for me throughout my life.  I could go on for many pages here about my sister but I will simply say that she is a remarkable person who has always encouraged me (and no doubt her students) to explore life more deeply at every turn.  And she inspired in me a love of literature that has provided riches beyond measure.

I’m looking forward to the screening at Columbia College.  It is always a thought-provoking experience to engage with students and faculty on these important issues and see where the conversation takes us.

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